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Additional Services

New or Change User Access

Fourth Street Clinic Users

  • Request an Epic Account for a new user/volunteer or to change the role of an existing user
  • Complete the Web form and provide all required information

Sublette County Users

  • Request an Epic account for a new user/volunteer or to change the role of an existing user
  • Select the 'Non-Employee/Affiliate' option, complete the form, and select Epic Clinical Application Request
  • At the Application request from, the requester will select
    • Job role/Position; Community Connect – Sublette
    • Sublette role; select job role for new employee
    • Account should look like; can specify a co-worker to mirror
  • In the Additional Information field, complete the text box (below), then copy and paste the box into the form field
New Epic Connect Employee – Account Request ( indicates required field.)
Full Name Last, First M.I.
DOB 00/00/0000
Job Role/Position Position
U of U UNID (required if user already has one) U#######

Provider Record Information

Title Title
Primary Address Address, City, State, Zip
Secondary Address Address, City, State, Zip
Phone 000/000/0000
Fax 000/000/0000
Credentialing Start Date 000/000/0000

New or Change of Device Location

to request a device location change, submit a request by calling (801) 587-0077, submit a ticket online, or send an email to

In your email, include

  • Name of facility in the subject line
  • Name and contact information
  • Information about new or changed device

U of U Health will be responsible for Epic configuration required for new or moved devices. The operations team at your facility is responsible for moving or purchasing new hardware.

Training (New or Existing Employees)

To request training for new or existing employees or volunteers, please complete the following steps

  • Refer to "New or Change User Access" section (above) if an employee account doesn't currently exist.
  • Contact U of U Health IT Training at (801) 587-0077 or email its-training@lists.hsc.utah.eduto enroll in appropriate curricula in the LMS.
  • After the user completes training, the U of U Health Epic trainer will send a ticket to the security team to activate the account.
  • The ticket will include
    • User's full name
    • UNID
    • Training course completed
  • The U of U Health Epic Security team will activate the user's Epic account and send an email to the account requestor within 24 hours.

For additional training or "how to" questions, please contact U of U Health Epic Connect Support at (801) 587-0077 Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm MST.


If a situation arises where the clinic needs to escalate an issue, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (801) 587-0077 and ask them to escalate your issue to an Epic IT Manager with a copy to the Business Relationship Manager (BRM). The BRM will need the ticket number to ensure timely follow up and resolution.

Key Contact Information

Name Title Cell # Work Phone Email Address
UUHC Help Desk N/A N/A (801) 587-0077
Matt Allred Director, ITS (541) 951-3902 (801) 587-2163
Nancy Brazelton Director, Application Support (801) 232-3733 (801) 587-6187
Travis Gregory Director, Clinical Applications (801) 647-9586 (801) 587-6233
Alice Brown UMB, Project Manager (801) 647-9586 (801) 587-6233
Mike Madsen ITS Service Desk Manager (801) 897-2905 (801) 213-3353
Lori Taylor Associate Director, IT Training (801) 688-8451 (801) 587-6254