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About TeleBurn

A burn can happen anywhere and location should not determine the quality of care your patients receive. TeleBurn delivers burn care to your community and allows patients and providers to connect with burn experts, both on an acute and continued basis, so patients always have access to the best possible care.

What Can TeleBurn Do for You?

Receive top-of-the-line care and consultation for burn injuries, even hundreds of miles away from a burn center. TeleBurn is a pioneer in the use of telemedicine for the immediate and continued evaluation and treatment of burn injury, cold injury, and wounds in the Mountain West. Through video conferencing equipment, our burn experts can see patients remotely, allowing them to assess wounds and make recommendations.

TeleBurn currently performs more than 400 video consultations yearly, reaching more than 80 sites in the Mountain West, including locations in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Wyoming.

How Can TeleBurn Help Your Patients?

  • Reduced Costs: With TeleBurn, the need for expensive travel to University of Utah Health's Burn Center is eliminated, resulting in cost savings for patients and their families.
  • Greater Accessibility: Rural residents, children, the elderly, and those living in poverty are known to suffer an increased risk of burn injuries, yet their access to burn treatment is restricted by distance and resources. TeleBurn makes burn services accessible, especially to those who may need it the most.
  • Enhanced Outcomes: Patients who are treated in certified burn centers have better outcomes and higher survival rates. TeleBurn makes it possible for burn survivors to connect instantly with U of U Health's Burn Center, the only verified burn center within a five-state region.